Tax Planning is key to Financial Planning.

Tax planning is an important part of financial management. It involves understanding the laws and regulations that govern taxation, as well as making smart decisions to minimize tax liabilities. By taking advantage of available deductions, credits, exemptions, and other tax breaks, individuals can significantly reduce their overall tax burden while ensuring they remain compliant with […]

Investing in short term rentals.

As the need for short term rental accommodations continues to increase, it’s important to understand how you can benefit not just as a potential business owner but also in terms of taxes. Short-term rentals offer many advantages when compared to traditional long-term leases such as higher revenue potential, more flexible scheduling and often fewer overhead […]

Understanding Tax Credits and Tax Deductions: A Guide for Couples

It’s important for married couples to be aware of tax credits and tax deductions. These two terms can be confusing to understand, and many couples are not sure about the difference between them and how they can use them to their advantage. In this blog post, we’ll explain what tax credits and tax deductions mean […]

5 ways to save on taxes in 2023

Taxes can weigh down your finances, but you don’t have to let them! There are plenty of creative and innovative ways to save on taxes in 2023. We’ve gathered five unique tips that will help make sure your money goes where it should – into your pocket (not Uncle Sam’s!) From taking advantage of tax […]

Congratulations on Filing Your Taxes! Now What?

Congratulations on filing your 2022 tax returns! You’ve done the hard part, and now it’s time to relax and go do whatever you have always wanted to do. But before you do that, there are a few things you should consider doing now that you are done with taxes. In this blog post, we will […]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The new tax law, commonly called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” is the biggest federal tax law change in over 30 years. Below are some significant changes affecting individuals.   Tax provisions that were eliminated: Personal exemption deductions are Phase-out of itemized deductions based on adjusted gross income (AGI) is Itemized deduction for home […]

Set your TSP investments on autopilot to reach your retirement

Common questions I get from clients regarding their TSP is; Which funds should I be invested into? How many should I spread my money across? Is there an easier way to do this? The TSP is great in that it automatically withdraws funds from your pay, almost without you seeing it.  Additional funds are added […]

How to Benefit from the New Tax Law

You can love it, or you can hate it. But the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is now a reality. Yes, absent some serious future spending cuts (unlikely) it is projected to add substantially to the national debt. But it does offer some planning opportunities as well. Emphasize Roth strategies. While the business tax cuts […]

Top 5 2018 Tax Changes for Individuals

Now that tax season has finished, it is important for individuals to start to plan and know how their taxes will change going forward. The new tax bill that was signed changes many aspects for many Americans. This article will let you know the tax changes that are the most impactful for the average American […]